We are small.


Approximately 11 acres of

carefully farmed,

estate-grown fruit.  

Around 400 cases

and growing ...

We are good.


With our talented winemakers,

we produce high quality wine

that truly expresses the 

fruit and terroir of our vineyard

We are chouette.


La chouette  (shoe-ette)

french translation

"the owl"

french slang

"cool, fantastic"

     Inspired by living and traveling in Europe, our dream of building a life, a vineyard, and a farm in the breathtaking Willamette Valley was imagined in 2004 after  finding a dilapidated 88-acre farmstead. With its southwest exposure,  rich soils, fantastic views of the coastal range, and a time-weathered barn, it was the perfect site to pursue our vision. 


     Summers working at a family ranch on the Steens Mountains of Oregon, a love of design, appreciation of good food and wine, all provided the passion and wonder to embark upon the hard work of making our dream come true. 


     And it truly has been a dream come true. 


     From renovating the 1939 barn, repairing the farmhouse, building an estate home, reclaiming the land and establishing vines, there is no other way to describe the incredible journey of a doctor, an architectural designer, and a young daughter. 


     Now we invite you to close your eyes, imagine the gentle night call of owls, and savor the fruits of our labors. 


     Ben, Michelle, and Jessa Miller 

                       La Chouette Vineyard 

Ben and Michelle in Provence


Jessa in the upper vineyard